We are making POP-UPs great again

Welcome to the new generation of pop-ups and discounts. Static pop-ups are good, but we can do better by thinking outside of the box.

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We are making POP-UPs great again

Why is Wheelio so special?

Who doesnt want to win a discount?

Who doesnt want to win a discount?

A normal exit popup can grant you a special discount, but do you feel special? How about if you could actually win a discount and feel like a winner? 

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Mobile traffic is the boss

Mobile traffic is the boss

Majority of traffic is coming from mobile devices. This is a fast and the % is only increasing. You have to think mobile first and this is what Wheelio does. You can trigger it by mobile exit intent or time. It will work great on any device and look great.

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Acquisition is harder than retention

Acquisition is harder than retention

It is harder to gain a new customer than to make an old one a repeat customer. Wheelio helps you grow your email list and grow your business. Wheelio capture rates are out of this world.

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How to use your coupons like a boss?

How to use your coupons like a boss?


The answer is simple. Use Wheelio and make your coupons count. Or event better, make them spin! People will feel like they just won the national lottery and it will show on your bank account.

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How does Wheelio compare to other solutions?

Well, its really not a competition if one is superior?

If you look past digital marketing onto real marketing, the one that really matters, psychology and user behaviour, you will soon find out that customers really like when they feel special. This is what Wheelio does, it makes an exit intent special, it makes the customer engaged and it makes the customer a winner. If a customer thinks he is a winner, bottom line, you are a winner.


Stats never lie - Wheelio captures leads like nothing else on the market

Well we can tell you a nice story how Wheelio is the best and all, but let us show you the numbers. We are all marketers and we all believe in stats. PS: Numbers will also tell you how Wheelio is the best, so really no difference. We just want to show off.

Above stats are 1-day stats from our BETA testers. This is what Wheelio does in 1 day only. Imagine what you could do with it if you run it constantly? 


Alert! Notification: You will absolutely get addicted to Wheelio, so please spin moderately. Remember it is just an app. Really good app tho.

Beauty is in the back.

You can control every aspect of the Wheelio. You can select what coupon you want to win, you can style the colours of the Wheelio and style texts to help you steer the customers in your directions.


Key features

Mobile & Deskop exit intent

Exit intent works on desktop and mobile devices. It looks great on both also.

Acquisition rate

Averaging well about 10%, Wheelio is the most powerful lead generation tool on the Shopify market.

Timer function

Not just exit intent, you can setup a time triggered Wheelio to suit your needs.

High Conversion Booster

Wheelio captures emails, but it also captures direct conversions as a result of the gamification and engagement of the wheel spins. Coupons have never been more attractive.

Coupon power

Coupons can be really powerful when used correctly. Wheelio helps you show a coupon in a different psychological light. It really does feel like the customer won something.

100% Customisable

Change the colours, change the texts, select the specific URL where you want the Wheelio to be shown, or just let it work its magic site-wide. You can control every aspect of Wheelio. Even what coupon/slice will win the spin.

FAQ - common questions and answers

FAQ - common questions and answers

Is Wheelio mobile responsive?

Yes. Wheelio works on all Shopify themes and is fully responsive on any device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

Can I customise the wining coupon?

Yes. Wheelio allows you to select what coupon will win or let it go totally random - its up to you.

Can I change the texts/colours?

Yes. Wheelio allows you to customise it so it suits your page and your overall store looks. Customer doesnt feel interrupted or that he left the store experience.

How does mobile exit intent work?

Mobile exit intent is not the same as the dekstop one, since there is no mouse pointer, so we had to think outside the box. When a user scrolls a certain height and scrolls back up, we know that he is probably leaving the site.

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