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Ultimate force in lead generation

On average Wheelio acquisition rate is 9+%, which is a significant boost from the industry standard of 0,5%-2%. The difference is overwhelming.

How are we doing this? Gamification is not a new thing and it has been used by the best marketers for ages. We are simply the first ones that connected it to a pop-up window and made the pop-up fun again. The perception of an annoying pop-up app is now forever changed.

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Take your coupon game to another level.

Purchase behavior psychology is a strong thing...

People don’t really like easy free stuff. Not when it comes to coupons and usage of coupons. They need to feel like they “won” and the coupon was hard earned. When they feel like they have the upper hand, the usage of coupons is 10X higher than as of an ordinary coupon.

What do our customers think about Wheelio?

Everything you ever need from a pop-up.

Our easy to use back-end admin interface has all the settings you think you need and some more.

You can customize the colors, texts, triggers (exit intent desktop & mobile, time on site trigger and tab trigger that wiggles), placements (select the URLs where you want to see Wheelio and exclude on sites you don’t want to see it).

We have auto integration with Mailchimp, Klaviyo and AWeber, .csv files for manual exports and new integrations coming in.

Our PRO package is the only gamified app on the market that has email validation, email segmentation, custom fields, advanced anayltics and campaign management.

If you need any help setting up, simply ping us inside the admin area.

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How about other platforms? Woocommerce? Magento?

Have no fear, Wheelio (will) be here.

We are developing a version that will work across all platforms and will be available at the end of this month (August).

Yaaay, I know you are excited, so are we. It took some time, we also got some really bad copycats (which thought its easy to do what we do…) that didn’t think about all the stuff this kind of integration takes.

Nevertheless, we are coming to your platforms really really soon!


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