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The wheel doesn’t load and I cant see it. What to do?

You are probably checking the site on the front-end and the wheel doesn’t show. The most likely reason is that you have a cookie set (we have a cookie protection), so we recommend a private no-cookie connection. Incognito mode in Chrome and private window in the other browsers. You can also clear the cookies in the app admin area, but your best bet is the browser cookie option.

How does Wheelio exit intent works on mobile?

Wheelio exit intent on mobile works on scroll intent trigger. So user has to scroll down and then back up, to mimick the exit intent on mobile.We suggest also using time on site trigger (to get maximum coverage). The suggested time setting should be a bit under your average time on site.

What are the best practices for mobile?

Best practice is to use all triggers for maximum coverage. Exit intent (scroll) + time on site (your average time on site – 30 sec) and the tab trigger. You can check your average time on site if you use Google Analytics or any other tracking software.

Interesting part is that the data shows really no difference between desktop and mobile conversions.

Why does wheelio disappear after sometime in my shop?

We have a cookie protection set, so once you visit the wheel will not show for the cookie duration setting time. Please clear your cookies or try incognito mode in Chrome and that is it. You can also change the duration setting in the admin area. The default time set is 30 days.

Is wheelio only available on the homepage of my website or is there other options as well?

You can place wheelio anywhere (only checkout is blocked by Shopify) under URL filters settings. You can use rules such as “contain” – which works on any keyword in the actual site URL.

Is there a way to stop showing Wheelio after a purchase (thank you page? )

Yes, of course. You can go to URL filter section and use the rule: does not – contain – thank_you and press save, that will disable Wheelio on the thank you page. If you have issues that people go thru a purchase and still not trigger Wheelio until after the payment, We suggest using Time on Site trigger, to make sure it pops before that.

How do I set up wheelio so it will not show in cart page or checkout page?

Checkout page is blocked by default (by Shopify), but if you don’t want to show on cart, just use: does not – contain – cart and add a new rule does not – contain – thank_you (this one is for the confirmation page).

Is there a way of limiting the pop-ups to certain pages only?

You scroll down to the URL filter settings and name your rules. So for example, you can use the rule contain or match (match only if you have static non changing urls).
Its pretty simple: does – contain – superman_tshirt. The checkout is already blocked by shopify
how do I set up wheelio so it will not show in cart page or checkout page?
checkout page is blocked by default, but if you don’t want to show on cart, just use: does not – contain – cart and add a new rule does not – contain – thank_you (this one is for the confirmation page).

The app is having issues with displaying immediately after landing on the site.

The time trigger works from the moment your site fully loads. So it’s calculated: your site load speed + time on site setting. (so we don’t harm your page speed rank).

What is the difference between regular and upgraded (PRO) version?

Pro version has email validation (outside service, best in the field), segmentation (URL based), campaign management, advanced analytics and custom fields (names, dates, etc.).

What is email validation. how does the email validation work?

It validates all the emails so they are legit and active. Before we allow a user to spin an outside validation service checks the email and if it’s good, we show the coupon code. This happens in a few seconds at the most.

Validation keeps your email list clean and safe.

What time frame to you recommend I set the timer for?

It is just “fake” scarcity to make users convert better with the usage of coupons. It opens up after the spin and you can set the countdown time. The main goal is also to show the coupon code to the users, so they don’t forget it by the time they reach the checkout process. This is why the “bar” is sticky.

I suggest you keep it around 15-30min, you want to create urgency but not rush the users away.

How do I view winning users? Or what the users won (which coupon)?

You can’t see who won, but you can see the coupon usage (check the revenue of the coupons and orders related to that specific coupon) in the shopify admin (use unique wheelio codes, so you know the wins came from wheelio).

How do I see conversion stats on purchases?

You just check the usage of the coupon codes you created for wheelio.

Does the customer get the discount code in the email or in my store?

You create the discount code in Shopify and later paste it to our app and we distribute it to the users when they spin. You can also set up an automated email that follows that, but all that settings are done on the email service side.

The coupon code 50% off is set at 0 gravity. How is it possible that they could find it or use it?

If there is 0 gravity it is not possible to win it. Is your XX% off similar as the other ones? Like are the coupon codes 10% OFF, 20% OFF,50% OFF? If that is the case, change them to unique ones, customers are smart and try higher numbers on the slice with the same text before the numbers.

Is there a setting to prevent people from entering their email/spinning more than once?

We have a cookie set, but if they clear it, we can’t help that. Keep in mind, the % of the users that actually know how to do this and why should they do this, is really small.

Are the emails supposed to automatically get sent to the Mailchimp list I have set up or do you have to manually sync the list?

If you enable the integration it’s automatic, but not instant – takes up to 30 min to 1 hour to emails to get to your list, since the email services have a queue.

I can’t get Wheelio to automatically sync with my Mailchimp list, I'm not sure what the issue is.

You have connected Wheelio and Mailchimp? The best way to test the connection is via the “export to email provider” button on the emails part of our admin area. If the emails get pushed, the connection works. Check the email list now, the process is not instant, takes up to one hour to get them thru.

My Wheelio isnt collecting emails to my Mailchimp. Any idea why?

Sometimes the queue gets stuck and it needs a push. Have you tried pressing the “export to service provider” button? Please try that and check the list in a few minutes. All the emails are safe in your csv file.The csv file has to be opened in let’s say excel or notepad ++ and then imported to your email service. If you download it and the file is blank, try adding the file extension and then opening it.

Is there a way to ask the user to include their first name in order to spin?

Yes there is, but only on the PRO plan. You can check all the info if you click on Upgrade button in the admin area.

How can i make sure customer guarantee win each time? Will customer can actually get a losing slice?

No, Wheelio always lands on a winning slice. No need to setup anything in that regard.

Can you use Wheelio on more than one store or do I have to pay separate for each store that it's installed on?

Only one install per store, sorry.

Can you help me understand how to find my Klaviyo private API key?

1. Login to your Klaviyo account.
2. Select ‘Account’ on the top right menu under your name

3. Click ‘Settings > API KEYS’

4. If you have no key, then generate one by clicking ‘Create API KEY’. Otherwise copy the key and paste it to Wheelio.

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